Training Programs



Queen City Volleyball Academy offers a number of training programs to develop young athletes, create pathways to college volleyball and expand access to the game.

Since we are a small club, participating athletes benefit from multiple points of individualized instruction and a diversity of inputs from our coaches. In addition to volleyball training, QCVA places a priority on developing young people into active and productive citizens in the world. It is our intention to build community and foster a genuine sense of belonging among athletes and their families. Though many of us will cross paths through volleyball, our hope is that any athlete’s experience with QCVA will lead to bigger things, on and off the court. We’re guided by our values and our expectations, which we ask all QCVA community members to abide by.

Travel Teams

QCVA organizes National level teams during each club volleyball season, with team sizes around 12 athletes. Travel teams practice three times per week and usually attend a minimum of eight tournaments from January to June of each year. Practices consist of a mixture of drills/skills development, strength and conditioning, and scrimmage play based on the needs of the team. We also integrate positional training, so athletes can build their craft in a specialized way. Read more about our program, check out our 2023 season recap, and learn how we support our athletes’ pursuits to play in college.

High Performance Training

As part of our mission to expand access to the game of volleyball in the Charlotte area, this intensive program develops volleyball skill and builds volleyball IQ among young people who are eager to grow as players. Participants train two days per week with QCVA coaches. Learn more here.

Summer Programs

As we are run by part-time and volunteer staff, we use the summer time to give space to our team to rest/restore and plan. We actively encourage athletes to attend camps, take private lessons and invest time in conditioning and building volleyball IQ during the summer. With that said, we host occasional open gym sessions to give athletes a chance to learn about our club and culture — and for us to get to know them better! Stay tuned for more information about clinics and open gym plans.


We work to make decisions that we feel are best for the athletes and our coaches, and in service of our mission and operations. As part of that pursuit, QCVA aims to provide our services at cost-effective rates with the goal to offer the most value to our athletes and their families. If your athlete’s participation in our programs is hindered by financial challenges, contact [email protected] to discuss further.


Our organization is small by design to allow us to get to know and properly support every individual. This is a decision to prioritize quality over quantity, and to ensure that all of our athletes feel valued, seen, heard and included. Learn more about the scope of the impact that our team, partners and supporters have created in the local community.