QCVA provides a high-level training experience that puts holistic athletic development at the core of everything we do. We work hard to help each athlete become a better player and person by providing an inclusive and inspiring space to grow and excel through the sport. We’ve also designed our program with the aim to lower the cost barriers to help make competitive volleyball more accessible to Charlotte-area youth. Learn more below and contact us with any questions. 


Since we are a small club with a number of coaches, athletes benefit from multiple points of individualized instruction and a diversity of inputs. Practices consist of a mixture of drills/skills development, strength and conditioning, and scrimmage play based on the needs of the team. Teams often practice together to work on specific skills and build unity among the athletes.


In addition to volleyball training, QCVA places a priority on developing young people into active and productive citizens in the world. Our ‘off the court’ programming includes activities focused on things like: Emotion management, interpersonal skills, leadership development, nutritional consultation, volleyball IQ enrichment, college recruiting and more.


QCVA was intentionally designed to offer local residents an opportunity to feel truly a part of youth sports community. We foster their development through outstanding coaching, strong teams, life and leadership skill programming and a tight-knit, supportive community. Our athletes are expected to sit together at tournaments, cheer on other QCVA teams, study our competition during breaks, watch film to learn from mistakes and celebrate each other’s successes. We actively involve each athlete’s entire family, so that they feel a genuine sense of belonging within the organization. Learn more about our expectations.


QCVA believes that athletes and teams are best positioned to succeed with continuity. It’s our intention that our teams remain with the same coach and core teammates as they build together over several seasons, though we remain flexible based on the changing circumstances and evolving needs — for the individual, coach, or organization. That doesn’t mean that a spot on the team is promised every season, as we expect our athletes to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to regular training and continued growth between seasons.


QCVA understands that every family wants to make the most of its investment in your child. We offer our services at cost-effective rates with the aim to offer the most value to our participating athletes and their families. Tuition ($1,800 for the 2020-21 season) covered tournament fees, facilities, equipment, team building activities, coaching fees, fitness classes, college recruiting support, and leadership workshops. Tuition did not include: Apparel, shoes, bookbags, and travel expenses. 

  • No one will be turned away due to an inability to pay. If the need is established and demonstrated, we’ll work with that athlete’s family to support their participation on the team. This is inclusive of finding efficiencies in traveling to/from tournaments and stays during tournaments.
  • In our inaugural season (2019-20), we provided full tuition scholarships to four athletes of our 30 athletes. We’ll continue to solicit donations and sponsorships to help provide more benefits to those who are part of the QCVA community.