College Prep


We are committed to supporting our athletes to pursue volleyball in college by being an active partner in their journeys.

We know that the dream of many athletes is to play Division I volleyball in college. While that is one exciting pathway (particularly when able to secure a scholarship), we work with our athletes to support their pursuits at all divisions, including club volleyball. Our team works directly with you to explore your options, build out plans, draft communications and advocate to college coaches on your behalf. We offer individual consultation, planning meetings and private lessons to run skill specific drills for video footage that can be sent to college coaches.

Coach Moana serves as the point person for recruiting support. Contact her at [email protected] to organize a time to start and/or continue your recruiting process.

College Commits

To date, several QCVA players have committed to or walked on to a college team (or club).


  • Jazmyne Slay: Winston-Salem State University (NCAA DII)
  • Sara Hinson: South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (NCAA DII)
  • Laci Mathews: Livingston College (NCAA DII)


  • Ava Humphries: Marymount University (NCAA DIII)
  • Sophie Gerlach: West Virginia Wesleyan (NCAA DII)
  • Nina Edwards: Bowie State University (NCAA DII)
  • Kyeana Biggs: Kentucky State University (NCAA DII)
  • Kalyn Cuthbertson: Winston-Salem State University (NCAA DII)
  • Anasty Faavesi: Catawba College Beach (NCAA DII)
  • Taylor Parker: Xavier University of Louisiana (NAIA)
  • Taylor Easter: Bluefield State University (NCAA DII)
  • Jada Thomas: Montreat College (NAIA)
  • Valentina Rodriguez: Gaston College Beach (NJCAA)
  • Milica Gavric: Gaston College Beach (NJCAA)
  • Amalia Martin: Duquesne University (NCAA DI)


  • Ella Porter: Queens University (NCAA DI)
  • McKinley Roach: South Carolina State University (NCAA DI)
  • Cristina Rotola: Gaston College Beach (NJCAA)
  • Alexia Cunningham: Catawba Valley Community College (NJCAA)
  • Amaya Jeffers: North Carolina A&T (Club)
  • Maya Stokes: Duke University (Club)


  • Kaylen McClinton: Winston-Salem State University (NCAA DII)
  • Olivia Todd: Hood College (NCAA DIII)
  • Kennedy Clark: North Carolina Central University (NCAA DI)
  • Mikayla Tucker: Johnson & Wales University (NCAA DIII)
  • Monique Reid: Johnson C. Smith University (NCAA DII)
  • Lauren Smith: N.C. State University (Club)
  • Amari Murrell: East Carolina University (Club)


  • Destini Phifer: Montreat College (NAIA)

Athlete Testimonials

Kennedy Clark
North Carolina Central University
QCVA Athlete (2019-2021)

I am currently an honors student and member of the Lady Eagle’s Women’s Volleyball team at the illustrious North Carolina Central University. I was able to reach this level because of my leadership and skill development under the guidance of Queen City Volleyball Academy. Through the knowledgeable and compassionate coaches, I was able to develop my game to where such seemingly small changes made for great future results. The girls I played beside were driven and enthusiastic, and their cheers of victory still ring in my ears to this day, as well as the lessons I learned from working alongside them. From once a shaky ball approach to now a stone wall block, I thank each and every one of the people involved with QCVA, as they’ve all proven to be more than enough for any player that steps onto their court.”

Monique Reid
Johnson C. Smith
QCVA Athlete (2020-2021)

“My experience at QCVA was nothing but blessings for me. Before QCVA, I had so much to learn about the game of volleyball. I had no idea where I wanted to play in the future. The coaches at the club are very passionate about teaching these athletes the correct way to play the game, and that is something I have admired since day one. For almost all of my volleyball career, I never had coaches so passionate about teaching the game, so coming to this club was like a breath of fresh air. QCVA opened many doors for me, leading me to be able to continue my volleyball career at Johnson C. Smith. QCVA has helped me develop not only as a player, but as a person too. The hard work of the staff did not go unnoticed. I am appreciative I was able to play and be a part of something so special!”

Mikayla Tucker
Johnson and Wales University
QCVA Athlete (2020-2021)

“I am currently a student-athlete at Johnson and Wales University. My experience at QCVA helped me in multiple ways. I came to QCVA in my last year of club volleyball and they took me right in with open arms. QCVA made me a better athlete throughout the time I was there as I improved my techniques, volleyball IQ, and leadership skills. The coaches and the girls I played beside of impacted my life and became family to me in a matter of seconds. They believe in you, and they push you to be the best version of yourself on and off court. The dedication they have to each athlete that walks through the door is unmatched! QCVA will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be family. I’m so proud to be apart of an organization that is passionate about the game and their athletes.”