Parents are expected to support QCVA athletes and coaches in a positive manner at all times.


  • Exemplify our values and expectations
  • Support your athlete’s efforts to arrive to events on time
  • Cheer for your athlete’s team for their play
  • Wait at least 24 hours after practices or a tournament’s end to approach a coach
  • Attend other QCVA team’s matches during tournaments
  • Get to know other athletes and parents


  • Instruct or criticize players, coaches and officials from the sideline
  • Use discouraging words, threats, or profanity
  • Approach the bench, sideline, referee table or stand at any point during a match
  • Heckle the opponent’s team, officials, or work teams
  • Talk to your athlete about other athletes, parents, staff or coaches
  • Engage in unproductive conversations with other parents

Parents who do not act in accordance with this policy may face removal from a tournament. If QCVA faces sanctions as a result of a parent’s actions, we reserve the right to hold that individual responsible for paying the fine or the tournament costs.

If a parent continues to cause disruptions and has not adjusted their behavior after being given explicit feedback to do so, that athlete and parent will be asked to leave the team.

Communicating Questions or Concerns

  • If an athlete has a concern about playing time, first consult with your athlete about the situation. In most cases, the athlete has been told what specifically to work on to be in a position to secure more playing time.
  • If it’s not clear and/or other concerns are at play, the athlete should approach their coach to have a conversation before a parent gets involved. We encourage parents to coach their athlete on how to handle this conversation.
  • If concerns remain after the athlete has met with their coach(es), please reach out to the QCVA staff to set up an appointment to discuss the matters with you and the athlete. 

If there is a concern about a coach’s performance, please reach out to Crystal at There will also be an opportunity to give anonymous feedback as QCVA runs a midseason survey. 

Questions or Concerns During a Tournament

  • If you’d still like to have a conversation with the coach, please wait at least 24 hours after the tournament’s conclusion to approach them.
  • Please do not engage in conversation with a coach about playing time, positions, lineups, etc. during a tournament. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s playing time or position, please encourage your athlete to have a conversation with her coach first. If they’re uncomfortable doing so, that’s OK. Please set up a time to speak with your coach at a later date.
  • The coach can bring in a QCVA team member who can be part of the discussion so there can be visibility and alignment among all parties if that is of interest.
PLEASE DO NOT contact your athlete’s coach without your athlete’s knowledge and permission.