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Queen City Volleyball Academy (QCVA) launched in September 2019 to expand access to the game of volleyball for Charlotte area youth. We envision a world where every local youth athlete has the opportunity to play volleyball, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Our intention is to create more pathways for young people to develop a love for the game and grow within it. In doing so, we hope to connect more local youth to productive life experiences, inspiring role models and life-long relationships.

As a small non-profit, QCVA depends on grassroots support from a wide diversity of donors throughout the year. Participation of young people in our travel teams and skills training programs is facilitated by generous contributions from folks who believe in our mission and the broader impact of sports. Without the funding to support scholarships, access to facilities and our general operations, our ability to meaningfully engage talented young people in the empowering and inclusive experiences that we foster would be severely limited. 

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Any contribution can make an impact for our athletes, their families and our programs.

  • $25 – Creates an opportunity for an athlete to start playing volleyball 
  • $50 – Enables the purchase of training equipment and gym resources 
  • $100 – Helps an athlete to offset travel costs for out-of-town tournaments
  • $250 – Funds team workshops on sports psychology and well-being
  • $500 – Supports an athlete to secure a scholarship to participate on a travel team
  • $1000 – Paves the way to hire additional staff and purchase our own facility

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Our Approach

Our explicit focus is to advance our mission. We provide our services at cost-effective rates with the aim to deliver the most value to our athletes and their families. We’re building a culture that is focused on community, and our organization is small by design to allow us to get to know and properly support every individual. We pour ourselves into growing the game for young people – not to make a profit from doing so. 

Operations Model

The costs to access the game of volleyball can be exclusionary. We are thoughtful about striking a delicate balance in keeping participant costs reasonable, limiting operational expenses and creating a secure financial future. Our team doesn’t do this work to make money. It’s done to build a first-class organization that advances our mission and allows more opportunities for our athletes to grow as players and people. 

Athletes First

To date, we’ve provided more than $30,000 in athlete scholarships. During the 2023 season, 20% of our athletes received some kind of financial assistance. This is possible thanks to the generous support of our donors. We invest additional contributions into services and programs for our athletes, such as workshops with a local sports psychologist, sessions on self-care, recruiting support, additional equipment/apparel, etc.

Future Plans

After navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and setting strong foundations, we are excited to expand our services, hire full-time staff, pursue our own facility and invest in new programs that lift youth participation in the sport. We’re specifically interested in creating more opportunities for children ages 7-14 in West, East and North Charlotte to learn how to play and grow in volleyball – at no-to-low cost.