The QCVA Way

Being part of the QCVA community means carrying these expectations of yourself and others — on and off the court. 

  • Bring your true self
  • Strive for greatness
  • Generosity for good
  • Growth every day
  • Transparency builds trust

Athlete Code of Conduct

QCVA is committed to each athlete’s development as an athlete and a person. We encourage you to improve every day in every aspect of your journey. 

  • Represent yourself and QCVA. Model good sportsmanship by being honest, fair and encouraging. Take defeat with humility. Be authentically you, show empathy toward others and hold each other accountable.
  • Trust is earned, respect is given. Being honest with your coaches and teammates fosters an environment of trust and respect within the team. Assume the best of your coach and teammates. 
  • Prepare to be the best. Show up with intensity, even in fundamental drills. Know your role and give your all to your team. Be curious to learn and open to feedback. Listen carefully during instruction time.
  • Step into a growth mindset. Step into a challenge when it comes. Collaborate and communicate with your teammates and coaches in a constructive way. Ask for help when you need it from the QCVA team.
  • Create community. Find your role in contributing to team culture and unity. Make sure every teammate feels a sense of belonging to the team. Be wary to take part in cliques or engage in behaviors that disrupt team chemistry.

Acting or speaking unruly, disrespectfully or violently toward QCVA staff, coaches, parents, officials, spectators or opponents is not tolerated.

Disciplinary Action

All minor offenses will result in extra conditioning (running, push-ups, etc.). All other offenses that constitute a violation of the Athlete Code of Conduct and The QCVA Way will result in disciplinary action.

  • 1st offense – Counseling session with the coach(es), QCVA staff and parents
  • 2nd offense – One-day suspension from practice and/or tournament 
  • 3rd offense – Grounds for dismissal from the team upon QCVA leadership review

Practice Expectations

Be on time and ready to work. Arrive in the gym 10-15 minutes before the start time of practice. If you’re not ready to warm up at the start of practice, you’re late! 


Each QCVA athlete is expected to attend every practice and tournament match, understanding there will be circumstances (e.g. illness, schedule conflicts, etc.) that don’t make it possible. This is particularly true in the unpredictable days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that said, we have the following attendance policy:

  • Each team has three absences per month. The consequence for absences beyond three will be conditioning at practice for the entire team. If you know you won’t be able to make it, contact one of your coaches as soon as possible. If you know you’re going to miss practice, please give at least one week advance notice to your coaches.
  • If you’re injured, you are expected to attend practice or tournaments unless you’re medically advised from doing so. It’s important to keep involved with the team so that you can observe drills, follow instructions and support your teammates until you’re cleared by a medical professional to return to the court. 

Continued absence from practice without justification can result in dismissal from the team without a refund.

Tournament Expectations

  • Arrive on time to the meeting place that is determined by your coach, so that all athletes will walk to the court together as a team. 
  • Wear your QCVA uniform and apparel (if you have it). No pajamas. No other club’s apparel. No school apparel. You are there to represent QCVA.
  • Phone usage during tournaments will be limited to small periods so that each athlete can focus on being fully present.
  • Stay together and hang out as a group during breaks (acknowledging social distancing and sometimes an athlete may need space) and support other QCVA teams when they are on the court.

Playing Time 

Our aim is to develop our athletes into great volleyball players and people. Most of their time will be spent developing within their assigned position. However, they will be exposed to other areas of the game.

With that said, playing time in matches is not guaranteed nor equally distributed. Playing time is determined by a number of factors, including skill, performance, attitude, communication and the athlete’s living of our values and expectations. If an athlete or parent has questions about playing time, please follow this instruction.