Though QCVA follows standards to foster injury prevention, injuries will inevitably occur in competitive volleyball. Returning to play after an injury will be guided by the expertise of a medical professional.

Injury during practice

If a QCVA athlete is injured at practice or training, QCVA coaches will use their discretion in guiding the athlete’s return to practice after consultation with that athlete. In all cases, QCVA coaches will take the utmost caution and rest the athlete for the remainder of practice so that the athlete can seek the opinion of a medical professional at their earliest convenience. 

Injury during a game

If a QCVA athlete is injured at a game, coaches, directors and/or parents will take the athlete to the nearest athletic trainer on site at the tournament venue. The decision to allow the athlete to return to play will be directed by the medical professional’s opinion. If given medical clearance, the athlete — and their parent or guardian — will make the determination on whether to return to play in consultation with the coach.

If an athlete misses tournament games but feels confidently able to return to play, they must meet with the medical professional on site to be cleared. A QCVA director or coach must receive verbal or written confirmation from that medical professional before the athlete can return to play in the tournament.

Returning to play

  • Any athlete who sustains an injury must submit a clearance note from their physician to QCVA Directors and their coach. This note must include a return to play date and be signed by the physician. The note must also include an injury diagnosis and rehabilitation or therapeutic recommendations.
  • An acceptable clearance note for injuries is written on a physician’s letterhead or prescription pad. If a QCVA athlete sees a physician for an injury, they will not be allowed to return to practice or games until a doctor’s clearance note is received by QCVA Directors.
  • Any QCVA athlete who sees a physician for a non-athletic illness or procedure (e.g. illness, surgical procedure, etc.) must submit a clearance note from that physician in order to return to play.