About QCVA

Launched in 2019, Queen City Volleyball Academy (QCVA) is a non-profit organization with the goal to provide a new kind of youth volleyball experience in the greater Charlotte area. Created by a small team of passionate coaches and local professionals, QCVA was born from a forward-looking vision for the future of youth volleyball organizations. 

We were designed as an academy with the intention to provide a high-level training experience that puts holistic athletic development at the core of everything we do. That includes individualized coaching to help take every player’s game to the next level, along with leadership development, athletic training, community service and more.  

We believe that players and teams can compete at their best with commitment, continuity and community — meaning it’s our goal that QCVA teams will play for the same coach and core teammates as they build together over several seasons. In doing so, we offer our services at cost-effective rates with the aim to offer the most value to our participating athletes and their families.

QCVA wants to make the game of volleyball as widely accessible as possible to young athletes, which is why we strive to put an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and equity in everything that we do. That means working to break through systemic barriers that have historically limited participation in the game for those who couldn’t gain entry to grow into the sport.