Mission Statement

QCVA provides an inclusive and inspiring space for all Charlotte-area youth athletes to access competitive volleyball, giving them opportunities to excel in the sport, develop into effective leaders, and become active contributors in their communities.


To eliminate inequity surrounding the game of volleyball in the Charlotte Metro region by offering every local youth athlete the opportunity to receive a high quality volleyball experience regardless of their socioeconomic status.


We Serve with Passion: We channel a passion for sport into being our best and giving our best at every turn. We are motivated by an unparalleled competitive spirit that pushes us to perform at a high level on and off the court, for our coaches, teammates, and families and within our communities.

We Compete with Integrity: We put sportsmanship and class at the core of everything we do, carrying with us a sense of respect, honor and humility within ourselves and for those with whom we’re directly or indirectly involved in competition.

We Demand Accountability: A deep sense of personal responsibility guides ownership of our actions, outcomes, successes and setbacks. We’re steadfast in fulfilling our commitments, which often requires regularly making sacrifices for the betterment of ourselves, our teammates and those around us.

We Welcome Everyone: We strive to assemble teams that broadly represent the demographics of the broader Charlotte area in order to create opportunities for those who’ve historically lacked access. We also empower every player to be the most authentic version of themselves.